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Two possible "ugly bugs"

From: Gilberto Agostinho
Subject: Two possible "ugly bugs"
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 17:03:12 +0000 (UTC)
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Here are two possible little bugs (of type ugly) that do not look well IMO. 
If you give me green light, I would happily add them to our Issue Tracker 

1) Some ugly positioning when using \pitchedTrill: 

\version "2.17.29" 
\markup {Everything is fine here} 
  \pitchedTrill d'8.\startTrillSpan c' r16\stopTrillSpan r2. 
  \pitchedTrill d'4.\startTrillSpan c' r8\stopTrillSpan r2 
  \pitchedTrill d'2.\startTrillSpan c' r4\stopTrillSpan 
\markup {But now (one octave higher) the augmentation dots and the 
\markup {are too close together and it looks ugly} 
  \pitchedTrill d''8.\startTrillSpan c'' r16\stopTrillSpan r2. 
  \pitchedTrill d''4.\startTrillSpan c'' r8\stopTrillSpan r2 
  \pitchedTrill d''2.\startTrillSpan c'' r4\stopTrillSpan 

2) This one I am a bit less sure if it is not happening due to some misuse 
of mine. I am trying to get completely flat beams by using \override 
Beam.concaveness = #+inf.0 (as far as I understand, the higher the value of 
the concaveness the flatter are the beams). So it works well for almost 
every group of notes, EXCEPT when there is a note and a rest beamed 

\version "2.17.29" 
\markup {All beams are completely horizontal (flat) here} 
 \override Beam.concaveness = #+inf.0 
 a8[ d'] e8[ d'] a,8[ d'] a'''8[ a''] | 
 a'[ r] c'[ r] | 
\markup {All beams SHOULD be completely horizontal (flat) here} 
  \override Beam.concaveness = #+inf.0 
  a8[ r] e8[ r] a,8[ r] a'''8[ r] | 
\markup {If there is one more rest or note, things are as expected} 
  \override Beam.concaveness = #+inf.0 
  \time 12/8 
  a8[ r r] e8[ r r] a,8[ r r] a'''8[ r r] | 


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