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clean numbered backups with convert-ly

From: Eluze
Subject: clean numbered backups with convert-ly
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 15:27:55 -0700 (PDT)

carried away by my success in contributing a little patch for convert-ly in
Python and inspired by dak's sentence "numbered backups tend to accumulate"
(sorry I can't remember exactly where that was) I tried a new patch to get
rid of these numerous backups:

-k --clean-numbered-backup - "clean numbered backups

surely it's also not difficult to find these backups with an explorer and an
appropriate regex and to delete them manually.

for me it was an occasion to learn more about Python and regex. and tbh it
took me much more time than the result would let you think.

if somebody feels this is usable or useful please add it to convert-ly.

another (not really related) topic:

during the discussion about numbered backups I discovered that you can
easily write "convert-ly -beck" whereas I used to write  -b -e -c -k   - I
don't think I've seen this is mentioned in the AU but it is much easier to

so I suggest to add a short note like:

boolean parameters like e, c, d, b … can be collected after a single "-",
eg. -bec

in the end of the chapter *2.3 Command line options for convert-ly*

thanks for taking a look at this!

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