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Re: Error in documentation

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: Error in documentation
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 15:25:59 -0000

Copying to -bugs for an issue.

Phil Holmes

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  From: Peter Crighton 
  To: LilyPond Mailing List 
  Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 10:27 PM
  Subject: Error in documentation

  Hello all,
  in the documentation about percussion notation it is said that you need to 
include the Parenthesis_engraver in order to use \parenthesize – 
 This is not true, you do not have to include anything. Also, you do not have 
to add chord brackets.
  Maybe this could be updated?

  Peter Crighton | Musician & Music Engraver based in Mainz/Wiesbaden, Germany


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