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Re: [LSR-2.18] trying to update "Ancient accidentals"

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: [LSR-2.18] trying to update "Ancient accidentals"
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 12:31:05 +0100
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Pierre Perol-Schneider <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Bug Squad,
> I'm trying to start working on updating the LSR.
> For this snippet : http://lsr.dsi.unimi.it/LSR/Item?id=85
> I have the following message :
> "[...] warning: Could not find glyph-name for alteration 1 [...]"
> Is there any option ?
> Should I keep the code as it is ?

Well the LSR starts with the comment

% Remark:
% Double sharp and double flat are not defined in all glyph-name-alists.
% In this case they will not be printed and a log-warning appears.

So it would appear that this is very much expected.  I am too lazy to
look up which version introduced ly:expect-warning but I would guess
that it's not available in 2.14 yet.  So if you want to update to
2.16 (?), adding the respective ly:expect-warning would be appropriate.

David Kastrup

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