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Re: Ottava bracket

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: Ottava bracket
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2014 16:40:00 -0000

"Noeck" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden

considering the statement by Gould below and my personal findings,
I would like to see the following change to the ottavation bracket be
added to LilyPond like proposed in this thread:
and now updated in this mail.
Could this be added to the issues as a wish or enhancement (it is even a
bit ugly).


Here is my wish including examples:

What does E. Gould say ...

Page 28:
The octave sign is written in italic, the numeral '8' is 1 1/2
stave-paces high.  The optional 'va' is placed flush with the top of
_ottava sopra_ (_8^va_), flush with the base of _ottava bassa_ (_8va_).

Indicate the extent of the transposition with a line of dashes
(hereafter called a dotted line).  The line extends from the top edge
of the _8_ for _8 sopra_ and the base of the _8_ for _8 bassa_, and
runs parallel to the stave.

And those 8s look bold to me.

Brian Barker

This has something in common with the current situation, but these
points are different:
- there should be super/subscript for va etc.
- it should be bold
- the lines should be at the top edge/base and not in the middle

Here is my incomplete suggestion with some comments:

Text positioning:
- \super does not look good
- \raise depends on the staff size (not on the font size)
- therefore \translate-scaled
- the value is a compromise for 8 and 15 which look slightly different
- should we add text for a third octave to LP? ±3 (i.e. 22va and 22vb)
 (this is easy in scm/define-music-callbacks.scm)
 or a general text calculated from the octavation:
 |octavation|*7 + 1 and va if octavation > 0, vb if octavation < 0

- The lines are unchanged but they should go to the top line or base
 line respectively.
- The right edge would look better if it was a solid vertical line
 (without a dash gap)
- I have seen more dotted than dashed lines, but that’s debatable.

This snippet shows what I propose as default. If accepted, the markups
would have to be translated to scheme:

There's actually a large variety of possible changes in your snippet. I assume you're not proposing all those alternatives? If not, could you state which is the preferred solution, and not include the others? That would make it simpler to implement.

Phil Holmes

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