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Re: markuplist and markup

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: Re: markuplist and markup
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2014 17:09:01 +0100
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Well, now you ask, I did find it difficult to figure out what \markuplist actually does. As the command overviews in NR A.10 and A.11 are separated, I thought \markuplist and \markup were actually different things and somehow incompatible. As I now take it, it’s rather like \markuplist splits the markup contained in its argument and makes every line be a separate object. Is this correct?
Perhaps I try some suggestions for clarification in the docs:
– Include NR A.11 as a subdivision in NR A.10 in order to make clear that \markup and \markuplist are not alien to each other. – Rewrite NR 1.8.3, section „Multi-page markup”. Perhaps it’s easier to understand if one uses just one opening paragraph and then two or three examples. One proposal (in my second-language English...):

"Standard markup objects are not breakable. Therefore, some special commands are available which make a separate object out of every markup line and thus permit page breaks to be inserted inbetween:
[first example:]
\markuplist {
\line { bar bar }
\column { \line { baz }
\line { bla } }
[second example:]
\markuplist {
\column-lines {
\line { of text }
[third example: the one already included]

\markuplist {
\justified-lines {
A very long text of justified lines.
\wordwrap-lines {
Another very long paragraph.

An exhaustive list of markup list commands can be found in "Text markup list commands".

Eventually, one might add after the third example a remark like
"Markup list commands can be used inside \markup at the expense of losing their breakability. If a markup command has a markup list as its argument, it is applied to every element of the markup list separately", perhaps even with an example. However I think the only case where this makes sense is with \table-of-contents, so if no one objects and knows of other applications worth adding them to the NR, I’d rather make a remark in 3.2.5 Table of contents. This should probably be at the end of the section, by adding a paragraph and example after the current last example:

"\table-of-contents can also be used inside normal \markup, in order to combine it with markup commands:

\book {
\markup {

\override #'(line-width . 30)

\box \column \table-of-contents


\tocItem \markup { Allegro }

\tocItem \markup { Largo }

\markup \null
Note the \column before \table-of-contents: without it, a box would be drawn around every line of the table of contents."

Or is this rather a case for the LSR?

Please give your opinion.

Best regards,


PS. I cc’ed the bug list since the doc enhancement should perhaps be discussed there.

Am 10.03.2014 17:17, schrieb David Kastrup:
Simon Albrecht<address@hidden>  writes:

is there any possibility to include \markuplist commands inside
\markup?  I’m trying to use a \table-of-contents with reduced
line-width, centered on the page and with a box around it, if
possible. All of these are easily feasible with \markup commands, but
not with \markuplist. Did I overlook some „integration” feature or
should I suggest creating one?
I have no idea what you are talking about.  Care for an actual example?
You can use \table-of-contents anywhere in a markup where you could use
a markup list enclosed in { ... }.  Neither \markup or \markuplist are
something one uses within markup or markup lists: they are just telling
LilyPond when it is in music typesetting mode that it should switch to
markup mode for a moment.
I’m so sorry. I just misunderstood something, or my brain was fuzzy,
but actually it all works.
The question is whether there is something in the docs that would have
contributed to a misunderstanding, or whether there could have been
something in the docs that would have prevented it.

Simon Albrecht, Kirchenmusikstudent

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