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Re: Organ Pedal Articulations

From: James
Subject: Re: Organ Pedal Articulations
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2014 10:17:34 +0100
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Hello Mike,

On 20/03/14 11:31, Mike Winiberg wrote:

It seems to me that the organ pedal articulations are reversed in the
default articulation script file (this is also evident in the documentation):

The ltoe and rtoe should be swapped, as should the lheel and rheel.

Right toe is generally a down chevron over the stave, right heel a 'U' over
the stave, left toe an up chevron below the stave, left heel an inverted 'U'
below the stave. Notational limitations may mean that any of these symbols
can appear above or below the stave though (which can be set by using the
articulation placement modifiers).

I've tested the effect of simply swapping the definitions in the script file
and get the correct results, but it would also be handy if the left foot
articulations could be defaulted to sitting below the stave rather than
above it.

My Scheme and understanding of how the articulation scripts work is not good
enough (at present anyway) to work out how to implement this latter feature
- or even to establish if it is possible.

I'm happy to submit an amended scripts.scm file that implements the swaps.



I suggest that you submit any changes/patches anyway, you may not have had any reply to this, not because no one is interested but simply because no one has any expertise in this area to comment, or would prefer you show an example of what you wanted to change before they then comment.


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