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LSR search results: title text doesn't match links or images

From: Paul Morris
Subject: LSR search results: title text doesn't match links or images
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2014 08:29:21 -0700 (PDT)


There seems to be something odd going on with LSR search results.  When I do
a search for "title:defining" 

I get these three results:

  Display bracket with only one staff in a system [0.14286]
  Dynamics custom text spanner postfix [0.14286]
  Percent repeat counters for piano music [0.14286]

None of which have "defining" in the title.  However, clicking on the links
takes me to these snippets that do:

  Defining predefined fretboards for other instruments 

  Defining an engraver in Scheme: ambitus engraver

  Defining a Custom Staff Context

And then I notice that the images in the search results are from these 3
"defining" snippets.  So in the list of results the images as well as the
links do not correspond with the titles.  

I'm seeing a similar pattern with other searches too, not just with
"title:defining".  Does anyone else see this?


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