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Re: time-signature-single-digit.ly and time-signature-single-digit.ly do

From: Masamichi Hosoda
Subject: Re: time-signature-single-digit.ly and time-signature-single-digit.ly don't have \version
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2015 15:16:19 +0000 (UTC)
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> Please submit git-formatted patches (including commit message) if
> possible.
> I pushed a fix to staging but could not make use of your patch.

I'll try it in this weekend.
Please wait few days.

> Are you actually working on GUB currently?  We are obviously having some
> problems getting 2.19.16 into gear at the moment.  While I've got Jan to
> look at it sometime next week, it is a bad idea if we don't have any
> active experts working with it.  So if we find someone willing to invest
> some more time in getting GUB back to work with newer GCC versions, we'd
> might manage to get unstuck.

In this branch,
I've succeed to build all lilypond installers by gcc-4.9.2.

In mingw, linux-x86, linux-64, linux-ppc, freebsd-x86, freebsd-64:
I've tested lilypond-installer and lilypond. Then, they work fine.
Correct PDF is generated.

In darwin-x86 and darwin-ppc:
I'm still working.
I use PureDarwin / OpenDarwin because they are open source and free OS.
However, PureDarwin / OpenDarwin can't execute lilypond.
lilpond (libpangoft2) depends on Carbon.
PureDarwin / OpenDarwin doesn't have Carbon.

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