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Re: Grace prevents \voiceOne when set at the same time

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Grace prevents \voiceOne when set at the same time
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2015 11:27:36 +0200
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Xavier Scheuer <address@hidden> writes:

>> I'm not top posting.
> Hi,
> I do not know if this was already reported (I did not find it in the
> tracker).
> \grace (and similar \acciaccatura etc.) prevents \voiceOne (and similar
> \stemUp etc.) when they are both set at the same time.
> I doubt such an issue would remain unreported for such a long time, so
> probably either it is already in the tracker, either this issue is
> a regression compared to an older version of LilyPond.
> \version "2.18.0"
> % Issue: grace prevents \voiceOne
> \relative c'' {
>   c1 \voiceOne \grace c8 c2 c2  % \voiceOne not activated
> }
> % Works: \voiceOne inserted before or after grace
> \relative c'' {
>   \voiceOne c1 \grace c8 c2 c2  % works (\voiceOne activated)
> }

Issue 630.  Fixed in 2.19.16 in Oct 2014.  Issue report is from June
2008, but the problem shows in the regtests in 2005 already.

Quite a tricky one to fix, actually.  Which was the reason for throwing
in the towel with

commit 2817ef1228cecd8b275fd666e0b5ba1bbd9406ce
Author: Federico Bruni <address@hidden>
Date:   Tue May 1 23:34:22 2012 +0200

    hideNotes should hide also TabNoteHead (issue 2480).
     Tablature example changed accordingly.
     Initial acciaccatura removed because it messed up the stem direction
     in voice one and produced a warning about clashing note columns.

Note the last sentence.  The respective acciaccatura has been reinstated
in the mean time.

David Kastrup

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