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NR 3.6.1, Displaying LilyPond notation

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: NR 3.6.1, Displaying LilyPond notation
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 2015 15:38:37 +0100

Hi all

I'm completing the translation of the 3rd chapter of Notation Reference and I'm having problems with translating this section:

Isn't it unclear or it's just me?

...in particular the last paragraph of this page:

Note that Lilypond does not just display the music expression, but also interprets it (since \displayLilyMusic returns it in addition to displaying it). This is convenient since you can just insert \displayLilyMusic into existing music in order to get information about it. If you don’t actually want Lilypond to interpret the displayed music as well as display it, use \void in order to have it ignored:

     \void \displayLilyMusic \transpose c a, { c4 e g a bes }


What "interpret" means here?!?
I mean, I understand what is talking about but the wording seems quite poor.

Also, I would mention some use cases where this function can be useful.


PS My proposal (only to inspire english mother-tongue doc writers..):

The music function \displayLilyMusic allows to display on the console a music expression in LilyPond notation. It does not simply copy the notes of the input file; instead, it interprets the music expression and returns the notes that LilyPond will eventually print out. For example,

     \displayLilyMusic \transpose c a, { c4 e g a bes }

will display

   { a,4 cis4 e4 fis4 g4 }

By default, LilyPond will print these messages to the console along with all the other LilyPond compilation messages. To split up these messages and save the results of \displayLilyMusic, redirect the output to a file.

   lilypond file.ly >display.txt

\displayLilyMusic can be inserted before existing music, without modifying it, in order to get information about it. If you want to display a section of music only in the console but not in the output, use \void in order to have it ignored:

 % This music expression will appear in the console only
 \void \displayLilyMusic \transpose c a, { c4 e g a bes }
 % while this will appear in the graphical output
 a2 b

\displayLilyMusic can be useful in the following scenarios...


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