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Re: PianoStaff vertical spacing messed up by tuplet

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: PianoStaff vertical spacing messed up by tuplet
Date: Wed, 11 May 2016 21:59:56 +0000
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On 5/10/16 3:09 PM, "Rutger Hofman" <address@hidden> wrote:

>Hello bug list,
>I think I encountered a bug that is triggered under very specific
>circumstances. The lilypond program is included below. It sets the same
>line two times twice. The first time is OK. The second time, after the
>\break, makes the distance between the Staffs of the PianoStaff much too
>large. The second page repeats the same 2 lines, and the distance bug
>after the pageBreak is already triggered. This page shows that the
>spacing between PianoStaffs is unaware of the increased distance between
>the Staffs: unreadable because the PianoStaffs overlap.
>Things to note:
>- the first incantation works fine
>- if the slur is removed, everything works fine
>- if the tuplet is replaced with straight 8th notes, idem

I believe this is a problem with cross-staff unbeamed tuplets.  Change the
final e,4 to e,8 e and all works well.  But if we add \autoBeamOff, the
same behavior is observed.

\version "2.19.39"

\paper {
     ragged-right = ##t
     ragged-bottom = ##t

rondoPiSU = \relative c'' {
     \time 2/4

     % c2 |
     \change Staff = ST f,4( \tuplet 3/2 { e8) \change Staff = SU e,8 e }
| %599

\score {
     \new PianoStaff = PI <<
         \new Staff = ST {
         \new Staff = SU {
             \clef bass
             s2*4 |

Thus,  I would make sure the issue title includes "cross-staff unbeamed



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