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Re: patch labels in CG manual

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: patch labels in CG manual
Date: Tue, 24 May 2016 09:48:23 +0100

"James" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden

On 23/05/16 16:43, Carl Sorensen wrote:

On 5/20/16 10:15 AM, "James" <address@hidden> wrote:

One thing to realise and I think people have forgotten is that the
Patchy-testing scripts (rather than Patchy-merge scripts) no longer work
as they were written to scrape the old Google tracker and don't work
with Allura.

So Patch testing is 100% manually done - i.e. lots of clicking and
typing commands - and that includes me having to download the raw *diff
file from Rietveld via my browser and then running the commands, albeit
serially, in a CMD window completely unscripted. Then making sure I
manually clean my out of tree build and the tree in its current state
after a patch test.
I certainly had forgotten this.  I'm amazed that you've continued this
long with manual patch application.  You're an all-star!

I will commit to helping get the Patchy-testing scripts working, so this
manual procedure is no longer needed, or is at least simplified.

I've found the Patchy scripts at github as shown in the CG.  Are changes
made by sending a pull request to Graham?  Or do we have push permission
on the Patchy repo?
I really don't know. Phil will if no one else does.


I can accept a pull request to Graham's repo at github, so a pull request and a mail I'll see will do the job.

Phil Holmes

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