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extenders over bar lines in 2.19.55 [was: Automatic Lyric Extenders]

From: Alexander Kobel
Subject: extenders over bar lines in 2.19.55 [was: Automatic Lyric Extenders]
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2017 21:15:53 +0100
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[Bug report summary:]

Extenders are not drawn anymore for melismata that include notes that are not bar-aligned, starting somewhere between 2.19.50 and 2.19.55. M(N)WE attached - the first and second score should have extenders until the last note.

Hi Michael,

On 2017-02-18 18:59, Michael Gerdau wrote:
I actually meant using an include file like the attached and not having
to add the music function locally at all.

Since this include file had been posted I've been using it with great
pleasure and like it very much.

great that you found the snippet useful. Please note that this is a "workaround" that happens to do a (surprisingly) good job. A proper, more mature integration of automatic extenders is in the works, but after initial enthusiasm, it turned to be a bit more invasive than expected. I hope that there will be some news on that front "soon".

There is one problem I'd like to vanish.

It seems extender lines stop at the end of a bar (this seems to hold for
the autoextender as well as for extender lines drawn by appending '__'
to a syllable - never realized that before). However in the attached
example I would like the extender line end in Bar 3.

However, this problem seems unrelated (as you remark, it's completely independent of automatic extenders) and 2.19.55-ish, hence I cross-post to bug-lilypond: Extenders seem not to be drawn anymore for melismata that include notes that are not bar-aligned. Note that in your original example, already the first note is longer than measure 1; that seems to be the culprit. Attached is a more detailed example.

Did you, by chance, spot the problem already on earlier dev releases? I did not see it on 2.19.50 (which I just uninstalled, unfortunately), and I don't have intermediate versions available right now.


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