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Re: Patch (from Debian) for buildling LilyPond 2.18.2 and 2.19.53 on GNU

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: Patch (from Debian) for buildling LilyPond 2.18.2 and 2.19.53 on GNU Hurd
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2017 14:15:19 +0100

Hi Anthony

Thanks for the report! I've added it to the tracker:

We have a procedure for proposing patches. In a nutshell, you need to apply the patch to the master branch and upload it to Google Rietveld with a script called git-cl (available on github).

All information is here:

Can you take care of it?
Let me know, thanks

Il giorno ven 27 gen 2017 alle 8:40, Anthony Fok <address@hidden> ha scritto:

LilyPond failed to build on GNU Hurd because Hurd does not have PATH_MAX. Fortunately, a workaround is available thanks to the combined effort of Debian developers Don Armstrong (Debian package maintainer for LilyPond)
and Petter Reinholdtsen (Debian Hurd guru).

Petter expressed his wish to send this patch upstream to be included in future releases of LilyPond, hence this bug report with the attached patch!

A little bit of history:

2013-05-13, Don Armstrong <don AT debian.org>:

  Changelog for LilyPond Debian package version 2.16.2-2:

* Patch around using PATH_MAX in flower/file-name.cc to have builds work
    on hurd (hopefully).

2014-09-10, Petter Reinholdtsen <pere AT hungry.com>, <pere AT debian.org>:


Hi. The lilypond package do not build on hurd, even with a hurd patch
  in place.  The cause seem to be a typo in the file
  debian/patches/hurd_file_name_support, checking for _GNU_SOURCE_
instead of _GNU_SOURCE (at least that is what the getcwd() manual page
  claim to look for).

  Attached is an updated patch, fixing that bug, a memory leak
forgetting to release the memory allocated by get_current_dir_name(),
  and adding the same code in the test code.

Please replace the patch in the current source with this new one, and
  consider sending it upstream. :)

2016-07-18, Dr. Tobias Quathamer <toddy AT debian.org>:

  Reviewed and committed the patch to the debian-experimental branch
  (intended for an experiment with LilyPond 2.19.x and Guile-2.x)
  in the LilyPond deb packaging git repository:


2017-01-27, me:

  Discovered the above, and cherry-picked Dr. Tobias's commit onto the
  "debian" (stable) branch with 2.18.2.

Many thanks!

foka AT debian.org
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