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Re: stem length in staff space

From: James
Subject: Re: stem length in staff space
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2017 12:11:35 +0000
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On 14/03/17 11:51, Thomas Morley wrote:
2017-03-14 12:18 GMT+01:00 Klaus Rettinghaus
Ok, here's another try:
(Version 2.19.56)

\override NoteHead.transparent = ##t
\tweak Stem.length #3 e'
\tweak Stem.length #6 e'

The normal stem of an e' has the length of approximately 3 staff spaces. So
I tweak the stem length to 3 (staff spaces) to match the previous. But it
turns out to be only half as long. I have to tweak it to #6 to match a
length of 3 staff spaces.
Where I'am thinking wrong?


I agree with Klaus, Stem.length is measured in half-staff-space, see

%% for convenience
   \hide NoteHead
   \override NoteHead.stem-attachment = #'(0 . 0)

%  \override Stem.after-line-breaking =
%  #(lambda (grob)
%    (format #t "\nstem-length-----------~a" (ly:grob-property grob 'length)))

   \tweak Stem.length #0 e'
   \tweak Stem.length #1 e'
   \tweak Stem.length #2 e'
   \tweak Stem.length #3 e'
   \tweak Stem.length #4 e'
   \tweak Stem.length #5 e'
   \tweak Stem.length #6 e'
   \tweak Stem.length #7 e'

The IR is generated automatically and I've found the length-property
in lyric-syllable-interface as well. Where the description puzzles me
even more.
Though, no time to research further yet.
Have to run for my regular job...


Thanks Harm for another point of view, obviously I am not understanding this - as it looked like full staff spaces to me at first.

anyway I have created issue


It's set as a 'documentation' issue for now (assuming that the actual output is correct as it is coded).

Thanks for your patience Klaus.


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