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Re: Lilypond-book --pdf tempo problem

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Lilypond-book --pdf tempo problem
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2017 18:18:13 +0200
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Chaos-Drummer <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> thank you very much for helping me.
> Each extracted lilypond file (snipped-file) contains "include
> "lilypond-book-preamble.ly"".
> In that file you find: 
> \version "2.16.0"
> %% toplevel \book gets output per page,
> %% everything else gets output per system/title
> #(define default-toplevel-book-handler
>   print-book-with-defaults-as-systems )
> #(define toplevel-book-handler
>   (lambda ( . rest)
>   (set! output-empty-score-list #f)
>   (apply print-book-with-defaults rest)))
> #(define toplevel-music-handler
>   (lambda ( . rest)
>    (apply collect-music-for-book rest)))
> #(define toplevel-score-handler
>   (lambda ( . rest)
>    (apply collect-scores-for-book rest)))
> #(define toplevel-text-handler
>   (lambda ( . rest)
>    (apply collect-scores-for-book rest)))
> #(set! output-empty-score-list #t)
> #(ly:set-option 'backend 'eps)
> *#(ly:set-option (quote no-point-and-click))*
> #(define inside-lilypond-book #t)
> #(define version-seen #t)

Oh.  Uhm.

> Additionaly invoking that option in the shell doesn't seem to be
> intended by the developers.

It might make sense making it easier to pass options to the subordinate
LilyPond process.  In Unix, it is customary that delegating programs
will pass on options after a final -- on the command line without
change.  LilyPond-book calls several other programs but LilyPond would
seem to me the most likely one to augment with user-specified options.

That does not help your problem: it was just a musing.

Does this happen with the "book" document class as well or is this
specific to scrbook?

David Kastrup

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