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Re: midi2ly: Fraction Reduction + 2 minor issues

From: Christopher Heckman
Subject: Re: midi2ly: Fraction Reduction + 2 minor issues
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2017 18:46:51 -0700

On Sun, Apr 16, 2017 at 9:00 AM, Martin Tarenskeen
<address@hidden> wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Apr 2017, Christopher Heckman wrote:
>> I have written a patch to fix this. Inside of the class Duration (line
>> 129), replace the dump function with:
> Hi Chris, thanks for trying to improve the midi2ly tool.
> I like the idea and really appreciate your efforts, but I tried your patch
> and it doesn't seem to work (yet), at least not on my system. I can't
> convert a midifile after applying your patch. Did anyone try Christophers
> proposal succesfully? (I installed modified version of midi2ly as
> /usr/bin/midi2ly_ on my system)

Hm. My Python might be a bit rusty, but the syntax doesn't differ from
the original code. However, you need to answer the "usual questions":

(1) Did midi2ly work before?

(2) Is this failing on all midi files, or just one in particular?
(Followup: If it's failing all the time, then post a URL to one of
your files.)

(3) What OS are you using? (I tested midi2ly on the Ubuntu machine at
work, and I had no problems. I can't run it on OSX, maybe because I
have the "wrong type" of Python on it.)

One other thing to mention is that a patch has been posted at git, and
it includes the other change I mentioned. (For instance, e4*1/2 now
prints as e8, and e8*7/8 now prints as
e2.. )

Christopher Carl Heckman
Honors Faculty
33° 25' 7'' N, 111° 55' 55'' W
ECA 212
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Arizona State University (T1N R4E Sect22 NW1/4)
Tempe, AZ 85287 - 1804
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