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Re: NR 4.2.2, table column should be called "glyph name"?

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: NR 4.2.2, table column should be called "glyph name"?
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2017 12:18:14 +0000
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On 6/12/17 4:06 AM, "Federico Bruni" <address@hidden> wrote:

>Il giorno sab 10 giu 2017 alle 2:54, Carl Sorensen <address@hidden>
>ha scritto:
>> On 6/8/17 10:26 AM, "Federico Bruni" <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> e.html
>>> """
>>> Automatic font weight at different sizes
>>> The Emmentaler font provides the set of Feta musical glyphs in eight
>>> different sizes; each one tuned for a different staff size. The
>>> smaller
>>> the glyph size, the ³heavier² it becomes, so as to match the
>>> relatively thicker staff lines. Recommended glyphs sizes are listed
>>> in
>>> the following table:
>>> font name   staff height (pt)       staff height (mm)       use
>>> feta11      11.22   3.9     pocket scores
>>> feta13      12.60   4.4
>>> [...]
>>> """
>>> Should "font name" be replaced with "glyph name"?
>> Not in my opinion.  The font is feta11 (the font family is feta).  The
>> staff height is 11.22 pt.  The staff height is 3.9 mm.
>Hi Carl, are you sure?
>The context of my report was:
>commit 18d03fa6a724b0102ccc47d194209802cea02f2e
>Author: James Lowe
>Date: Sun Mar 5 16:34:39 2017 +0000
>    Doc - NR + CG: Clarify Emmentaler is the 'font' and Feta/Parmesan
>are glyphs
>    Issue 4966
>    Distinguish between Emmentaler
>    the 'font' and Feta/Parmesan
>    glyphs that make up the
>    Emmentaler font family.

In this context, I guess that the proper word is 'subfont' rather than
'glyph'.  The emmentaler font is made up of several subfonts, according to
the files in the out/mf directory.  In the case of emmentaler-11 (which is
the font), the subfonts include

Each of these subfonts is a collection of glyphs.  And the glyphs have
individual names.

If I were to try to fix the problem you have identified, I would probably
change the contents of the first column from 'fetaxx' to 'emmentaler-xx'.
I believe that when one sets the font-size in general, it applies to
Emmentaler, not to Feta.  The only place I have found in the documentation
that uses anything other than the whole font is in NR 1.8.3, where some
font-encodings are used.  But I cannot find any documentation that
describes which glyphs are in which encodings, so I don't know how to use
this in general.

So, in looking at all of this, my recommendation is not to change the
heading of the table, but to change the contents of the first column.



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