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Re: intent bug on line start

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: intent bug on line start
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2017 16:00:38 +0200
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bb <address@hidden> writes:

> With
> indent = 0\mm
> activated the first bar will be wrong, as the first notes of voice one
> and two align. They should not becauser of r8 (\voiceOne ) and r16
> (\voiceTwo ) in front.
> Without, say
> % indent = 0\mm
> commented out the layout is correct.

Cannot see the described effect.  However:

> two =
>     { \voiceTwo
>        \relative c'{
>        r16 d8. (d4) r16 d8.(d4) |
>     r16 d8. (d4) r16 d8.(d4) |
>     r16 e8. (e4) r16 e8.(e4) |
>        }
>     }

Looks like you don't know the difference between a tie and a slur.  I
would strongly suggest you educate yourself about it since otherwise
typesetting will be deficient.  For example, the curvature for a slur is
far too large for ties and the attachment points differ, not to mention
the defective Midi rendition.

>     Notation = \simultaneous { %% Combine both parts for notation
> \time 4/4
> << \context Voice=VoiceA \one >>
> << \context Voice=VoiceB \keepWithTag #'bassnotes \two
> }

Seriously?  It's a long time since I've see \simultaneous { ... } (which
is just long for << >>), and it's pointless including every item in
addition << >> here.  This is just

Notation = <<
  \time 4/4
  \new Voice = "VoiceA" \one
  \new Voice = "VoiceB" \keepWithTag bassnotes \two

and putting \time 4/4 in music _parallel_ to the voices is asking for
trouble.  It will not blow up here, but under quite similar
circumstances (like when the voices themselves contain grace music) it

> \simultaneous {
> << \context Staff=FullNotation \Notation >>
> }

Now that's redundancy.  Well at least you don't rely on an implicitly
created Staff.  But why use \context instead of \new ?

This resembles a bit a collection of worst or at least weird practices
and I wonder just _where_ you even learnt about them.  I am pretty sure
(or at least hopeful) that LilyPond's documentation would not have
suggested such document structures and even elements for decades.

David Kastrup

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