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Re: \lyricsto ruins sequential lyrics

From: Dan Eble
Subject: Re: \lyricsto ruins sequential lyrics
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2017 19:14:09 -0400

I hope this example makes clear what I’m trying to do.  Below is the input, and 
attached is what a MIDI editor shows of the output.  (I hope it comes through.) 
 In the output, \unfoldRepeats has unfolded the notes into two measures, but 
the lyrics are still concurrent in the first measure (naturally, because 
they’re not contained in a \repeat).  I have been trying to find a way to 
serialize the lyrics that is equal in convenience to \unfoldRepeats.  I tried 
writing a function that would convert tagged simultaneous music into sequential 
music; while using it, I discovered the inconsistencies with \lyricsto that I 

\version "2.19.0"

music = <<
  \context Voice = "V" \repeat volta 2 \relative c'' { c c c c }
  \context Lyrics = "1" \lyricsto "V" { This is verse one. }
  \context Lyrics = "2" \lyricsto "V" { This is verse two. }

\score {
  \unfoldRepeats \music
  \midi {}


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