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Re: Tremolo and partcombiner: core dump (assertion failure)

From: Rutger Hofman
Subject: Re: Tremolo and partcombiner: core dump (assertion failure)
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2018 15:47:34 +0200
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On 25-02-18 13:01, James Lowe wrote:

On Tue, 13 Feb 2018 11:02:58 +0100, Rutger Hofman <address@hidden> wrote:

Q1: Is it possible add this to the bug tracker?

Done. https://sourceforge.net/p/testlilyissues/issues/5281/

I stumbled into another instance of this assertion, now without partcombiner:

\version "2.19.80"

\relative c' {
    c8:32 c32 c c c

gives me:
GNU LilyPond 2.19.80
Processing `tremolo-bug.ly'
Interpreting music...
Preprocessing graphical objects...lilypond: /home/gub/NewGub/gub/target/linux-64/src/lilypond-git.sv.gnu.org--lilypond.git-stable-2.20/flower/include/interval.hh:227: T Interval_t<T>::center() const [with T = double]: Assertion `!is_empty ()' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

So my latest conclusion is that it is not even to do with the partcombiner.

Should I/can I add this to the issue tracker above?

Q2: Should I present a selection of partcombiner issues (see my last
paragraph below) to this list, so they can make it to the bug tracker?

Sure, but if they are essentially the same 'thing' as the issue above then we 
can add them to that issue, else they can get their own issue.

No, these are totally unrelated to the tremolo issues.

The people that generally manage the bug emails are not always experienced 
programmers. So any assistance you can give in terms of information is always 

This is still on my to-do-list. But I guess at least David Kastrup is aware of it, see his discussion of partcombiner smartness the other day on the -user list. I think the issues mostly occur when the partcombiner switches from one mode (Apart, Chords, SoloI, SoloII) to another, and at the same moment in time some spanner stops (hairpin, trill, slur, tie). Then the spanner is not closed, and it crops up anywhere later, I guess when the partcombiner returns to the former mode. And I assume this is to do with the partcombiner not considering the end time of notes, see David K.'s explanation. Even so, my promise still stands: make a selection of snippets to show those issues. RSN.


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