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Re: Ski Emoji Error

From: James
Subject: Re: Ski Emoji Error
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2018 08:19:57 +0100
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On 24/04/18 21:59, Noeck wrote:
No problem on Ubuntu 17.10 either with

2.19.80 / GPL Ghostscript 9.21 (2017-03-16)
2.19.50 / GPL Ghostscript 9.15 (2014-09-22)
2.18.2  / GPL Ghostscript 9.21 (2017-03-16)

I could test some more versions, but I guess there is no hint to be
found here.


When you say 'no problem' you mean that you can

1. compile the file
2. see the the little skiiing man in the output OK
3. you DON'T get the 'failed files' message output when running the cmd at the end.

Only when using gs 9.23 do I get all three above. Everything earlier than gs 9.23 I only get the first 2. I.e it compiles OK and looks OK but I still get a 'failed file' message like the reporter.

Seems to me to be a gs issue as David K first suggested.


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