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Re: Feature request: paper variable for odd-only or even-only pagination

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: Feature request: paper variable for odd-only or even-only pagination
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 08:05:56 +0200
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Hi Aaron,

I fully agree with Simon's description but want to add one more question to it:

Am 12.09.2018 um 02:06 schrieb Simon Albrecht:
On 11.09.2018 16:32, Aaron Hill wrote:
On 2018-09-11 3:03 am, Simon Albrecht wrote:
this is a suggestion by Urs from a user list thread on 2018-08-30: for
putting together scores of four-hand music with the typical primo
right page, secondo left page layout it would be useful to select
through a paper variable whether the music of a \book be typeset on
only odd or only even pages, with according page numbers and margins
(in case of twosided = ##t).

Just to clarify, is this request strictly about page numbering and margins (something I believe LilyPond already supports albeit via manual* configuration),

One side is overlooking something here. Those of us who sponsor the feature request are thinking that there currently is _no_ viable solution to produce the intended outcome of two scores that can be zipped to a primo/secondo volume.

As a workaround the issue that LilyPond doesn't provide proper support for this kind of score the idea is to

 * define (page) breaks in an external file
 * create one score for the "prima" part with *even* page numbers only
   and the margins set for *left* pages
 * create another score for the "seconda" part with *odd* page numbers
 * apply the same break set to both files to have synchronized (page)
 * externally zip the PDFs together

Do you know of a way to create a score with a page numbering of 2, 4, 6 etc. ? If there's a *reasonable* solution to that we could figure out a way of achieving the whole workflow without changing LilyPond, either as some external scripted solution or from within a Scheme library.


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