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Re: Lilypond crash related to tuplets

From: Andrew Bernard
Subject: Re: Lilypond crash related to tuplets
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2019 11:46:05 +1100

Hi Aaron,

I know it would be great to see my code, but the quartet is 11,000 lines
long and that's only half, and my library of which I use everything is
13,000 lines of code (for all the New Complexity stuff). I would never
expect anybody to go through it, let alone set it all up for compiling.

I am unable to extract an MWE from the score that proves it. However, being
clued in to a possible issue around tuplets, I found the issue by trial and
error rather than gdb. Here it is: calling tupletFullLengthNote = ##t
causes the crash. This is definite. But it only occurs in my reasonably
large score. I am unable to stimulate this in a simple example.

Does knowing that combined with the gdb backtrace help pinpoint this?


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