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Re: [musicxml2ly] duplicated dynamics and hairpins when using multiple v

From: Florian Grundig
Subject: Re: [musicxml2ly] duplicated dynamics and hairpins when using multiple voices
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2019 14:39:23 +0200


I don’t know why the first time sending files to the mailing list didn’t work - 
here’e my second attempt - I attached four files:
1. The musicxml file
2. The generated ly file
3,4 The generated svg and pdf file

With kind regards

> On 24 Apr 2019, at 07:23, Federico Bruni <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Florian
> I can't see your attachments.
> Can you send them again?
> Il giorno mar 23 apr 2019 alle 18:54, Florian Grundig <address@hidden> ha 
> scritto:
>> Hi all,
>> I´ve encountered a strange behaviour when converting a musicXml document 
>> (exported from MuseScore 3.0.5) with two or more voices per staff in 
>> combination with dynamics or hairpins -> the ly file contains the dynamics 
>> and the hairpins for each voice so they are also rendered several times 
>> which looks buggy.
> I don't see this bug listed in the tracker:
> https://sourceforge.net/p/testlilyissues/issues/search/?q=%22musicxml2ly%22+%26%26+%21status%3AVerified+%26%26+%21status%3AInvalid+%26%26+%21status%3ADuplicate+%26%26+%21status%3AFixed
> but we must test the files first...
> As a workaround, do you know that in Frescobaldi you can select a voice and 
> automatically remove all the dynamics?

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