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Help with URLs on LilyPond.org & Documentation

From: SoundsFromSound
Subject: Help with URLs on LilyPond.org & Documentation
Date: Mon, 6 May 2019 07:03:00 -0700 (MST)


I hope you all are doing well.
May I ask for a little help with something? 

Could someone please assist me by changing a few URL links that I noticed
are no longer functioning correctly? My website domain has changed and
finally stabilized. I am unsure how to handle this kind of request, sorry I
lack the experience with any sort of patch upload / review process here. I
would be very appreciative of any help with this.

I believe the links in the "Pondings" section of the LilyPond website as
well as within the documentation are still pointing to the old domain for my
resources. My current domain is now permanent and securely hosted.

My website address is now: 

Which replaces all instances of:

*/Documentation/web/text-input  (Beginner Documentation)

I have been so happy to hear from users who have discovered LilyPond and
found their way to my introductory learning material, while finding it to be
helpful to them. I only just realized now that the links were dead.

And a big thank you to everyone who has helped and done so much for the
LilyPond community! From development to maintaining the outstandingly
comprehensive documentation, we appreciate you! :)

Have a great day,

composer | sound designer | asmr artist 
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