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Re: issues with musicxml2ly

From: Gilberto Agostinho
Subject: Re: issues with musicxml2ly
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2019 17:17:56 +0100
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Hi Knut,

You did not answer the question if you used one of the installers from lilypond.org or if you compiled lilypond.
My apologies, forgot about that bit. I am not compiling myself, I am using the installers from lilypond.org.

Try if replacing

    musicxml ...


    python2 $(grep -o '"[^$^"]*$me"' `which musicxml2ly` | sed -e 's/"//g' -e 's/$me/musicxml2ly/')  ...
Yes, that does seem to fix the issue! The .ly file created by musicxml2ly does not have the encoding and strange character issues and compiles normally.

Thanks for all the replies.


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