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Re: issues with musicxml2ly

From: Knut Petersen
Subject: Re: issues with musicxml2ly
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2019 08:46:16 +0200
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HiĀ  Michael!
b) Is there work on migrationg to Python3?
I don't think so.

Python2 will be phased out by upstream really soon now.
Yes. We know. No problem If we have our own python2 ;-)
Sad to hear that.
If I find time I'll have a look into it.
Porting to Python3 is relatively doable in my experience.
And riding dead horses is not a good thing in my opinion.
Porting lilypond to python 3 would also mean to teach GUB to cross-build
python 3 for all supported platforms. Actually, this would be the first step.

But feel free to contribute to Lilypond, we definitely need some more 


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