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getting score information

From: jaap de wolff
Subject: getting score information
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2019 21:10:50 +0200



At this moment I am in the process of creating a lilypond musicxml module.

The module is written in scheme, and at this moment the module is able to
handle simple music.


At this moment I am able to handle both 


simplemusic = {}


\musicxml \simplemusic




simplemusic = {}


simplescore = \score (


                \layout {}


\musicxml \simplescore


First question:


I want to be able to do:

simplemusic = {}


\score (


                \layout {}

                \musicxml {}

                \midi {}



Can anyone give a hint how to do this?


Second question:


When doing \musicxml \simplescore the scheme function gets an object of the
type ly:score.


By digging in code I found out that from this score music can be extracted
using ly:score-music 

Also header can be extracted using ly:score-header and output-defs using


The extracted music can be used without a problem.

However I can not figure out how to use the extracted header and


I want to be able to extract information like composer and title to put in


Does anyone have suggestions?


Jaap de Wolff



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