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Re: Documentation suggestions.

From: Peter Toye
Subject: Re: Documentation suggestions.
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2019 16:17:36 +0000

Monday, December 30, 2019, 8:33:30 PM, Trevor wrote:

Peter Toye wrote 30/12/2019 16:11:43
Subject: Documentation suggestions.

2. Neither LM nor NR mention that the default language for entering pitches is 
English. This might be confusing to non-English newbie engravers. I suggest 
adding to LM Section 1.2.1 'Pitches' something like:
'By default, note names are written using English notation. You can change this 
using the \language command. See [add reference to NR 1.1.1 "Note names in 
other languages"]' 
Apart from this being wrong (the default being nederlands), the LM 2.1.2 does 
explain this. See 


which says:

"A sharp pitch is made by adding is to the name, and a flat pitch by adding es. 
As you might expect, a double sharp or double flat is made by adding isis or 
eses. This syntax is derived from note naming conventions in Nordic and 
Germanic languages, like German and Dutch. To use other names for alterations, 
see Note names in other languages."

In the LM we have tried to introduce the concepts one at a time, and 
deliberately avoided mentioning accidentals in Section 1.


I stand corrected and withdraw my suggestion, except for the comment that the 
default should be explicitly mentioned. Not everyone speaks musical Dutch :)

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