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Can I help porting to python 3?

From: Arusekk
Subject: Can I help porting to python 3?
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2020 17:20:04 +0100
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I would like to help porting lilypond python scripts to python 3. I have
quite an experience, since I have already ported one big python project.

If you want me to help, please tell me the following:

1) what git branch to start with (which has the most recent version of
python scripts, since I will have to start over if there are any heavy
changes from master),

2) is there a policy on how to split changes into commits (or
guidelines, whatever to call it),

3) where to test / send partial commits to,

4) how to file the final version for review and merging.

I can start porting as soon as I know what to start from, and prefer to
use a GitHub fork for my commits and submitting a pull request if it is
up to me to decide.


Best regards


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