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ly:page-turn-breaking core dumps

From: Pierre-Luc Gauthier
Subject: ly:page-turn-breaking core dumps
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2020 09:46:15 -0500

Hi there,

So, this problem comes up once in awhile but, I do not know why, its
now recurrent on multiple projects now.
All my orchestral projects compile about 96 PDF all using the
ly:page-turn-breaking algorithm that I love so very very much. But
sometimes, it fails with the error bellow. By sometimes I mean, it
*always* breaks until I do significant music changes that, I suppose,
changes the page layout until the problem is avoided by chance.

Here is the interesting tail of the output :

Calculating page and line breaks (8 possible page breaks)...lilypond:
void Page_turn_page_breaking::calc_subproblem(vsize): Assertion
`!std::isinf (best.demerits_) && start < end - 1' failed.
./publish.sh: line 11: 63598 Aborted                 (core dumped)
lilypond -dno-point-and-click -ddelete-intermediate-files
-dembed-source-code --pdf -o ./upload/ ./parts-book-template.ily

I'm sure there is a way to create a MWE but I've never manage to do
so. It's sort of a "once in a specific while" kind of problem.

How can I help this bug along?
Pierre-Luc Gauthier

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