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Re: LSR 2.20 #724 cannot be upgrated automagically

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: LSR 2.20 #724 cannot be upgrated automagically
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2020 11:09:53 +0100
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Pierre Perol-Schneider <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi BugSquad,
> Making some tests for the LSR v.2.20, I'm stuck with:
> http://lsr.di.unimi.it/LSR/Item?id=724
> Starting lilypond-windows.exe 2.19.84 [
> autochange-music-with-a-different-pitch.ly]...
> Processing `C:/Users/Pierre/Documents/LilyPond/000 LSR/
> autochange-music-with-a-different-pitch.ly'
> Parsing...C:/Users/Pierre/Documents/LilyPond/000
> LSR/autochange-music-with-a-different-pitch.ly:24:14: In procedure
> make-autochange-music in expression (make-autochange-music (if ref # ...)):
> C:/Users/Pierre/Documents/LilyPond/000
> LSR/autochange-music-with-a-different-pitch.ly:24:14: Wrong number of
> arguments to #<procedure make-autochange-music (ref-pitch music)>
> Exited with return code 1.
> Any idea?

commit e6e59e19a164f0d3af53b0bde3798940de162d66
Author: Thomas Morley <address@hidden>
Date:   Thu Jul 30 20:39:22 2015 +0200

    Let \autochange accept optional arguments for the turning-point and clefs
    Issue 4530
    With the fix for issue 4465 bassStaffProperties and trebleStaffProperties 
are gone.
    This patch reimplements the functionality to set clefs for the staves and 
offers the
    possibility to set another turning-point apart from middle-C.
    This is done with optional arguments for \autochange.
    Two regtests are added to reflect these possibilities.
    Documentation/notation/keyboards.itely is extended accordingly.
    Also inserting the usual remarks about license, etc in autochange.scm.

was implemented in a non-upwards-compatible manner (like using an
optional argument in the Scheme function) and without a convert-ly rule.

We are a bit late in the game, but stable is stable and unstable is
unstable: I'd lean towards making the ref-pitch argument of the
make-autochange function optional and come _last_ to correspond to the
typical placement of Scheme optional arguments.  Then we'd need no
convert-ly rule.  With the same order as the LilyPond scheme-function,
we'd have to count arguments to do the right thing (or check types), and
that's more awkward.

It's worth noting, however, that the given LSR is quite redundant now
exactly because of that commit by Thomas that turns the normal
\autochange command into an \autochangeWithPitch anyway.

I'd still suggest changing make-autopitch because an optional argument
just is nicer.

Tracker issue: 5798 (https://sourceforge.net/p/testlilyissues/issues/5798/)
Rietveld issue: 567280043 (https://codereview.appspot.com/567280043)
Issue description:
  Make make-autochange function upwards-compatible to 2.18  This
  entails putting the ref-pitch argument last and making it an
  optional argument.

David Kastrup

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