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3/4 time

From: Sylvia Cassel
Subject: 3/4 time
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2020 11:39:36 -0400

Hello out there,
Has anyone has a chance to look at this?  Am I doing something wrong or is
there a bug??  How can I get the chord notations over the right measure?

Sylvia Cassel <address@hidden>
Fri, Apr 3, 7:04 AM (9 days ago)
to bug-lilypond
% In doing a lead sheet in 3/4 time, the melody notation comes out correctly
% but the chords don't line up with the measures.  They seem to assume 4/4


 \version "2.20.0"
\header {
Title = "F - Some Day My Prince Will Come"
composer = "Frank Churchill"
melody =\relative c'
\clef treble
\key f \major
\time 3/4

c2.  f2 cis4 e2 d4 d2.
harmonies = \chordmode
f1:maj7 a1:aug7 bes1:maj7 d1:aug7
\score {
\new ChordNames {
\set chordChanges = ##t
\new Staff \melody
\layout { }
Thanks for any help.

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