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Files not saved before printng

From: JH Austin
Subject: Files not saved before printng
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2020 14:18:34 -0400

I'm not sure you would call this is bug or just a user error, 
but I have lost a couple files recently.
Using Frescobaldi and Lilypond, after composing and printing a file correctly,
the saved file is still back-level to the printed copy.

Having a "good" printout and thinking I was finished, I exited the program, 
apparently without saving, and all my revisions disappeared.

Stupid me!  Guess I've gotten so used to modern programs that do auto-save that 
I've developed sloppy habits.

But it would be helpful to warn the user before printing if the file has not 
been saved.

I'm running:
Frescobaldi 3.1.2
Lilypond 2.20.0-1
Mac OS 10.13.4 High Sierra

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