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musicxml2ly does not honour --no-rest-positions option

From: jostle
Subject: musicxml2ly does not honour --no-rest-positions option
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2020 17:15:45 +1000
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If musicxml2ly is invoked with the '--no-rest-positions' option it still generates output in the form

'c4 \rest' instead of 'r4'

The following change seems to fix the problem,

~/src/lilypond-git$ git diff origin/master
diff --git a/scripts/musicxml2ly.py b/scripts/musicxml2ly.py
index ef8ee7562c..4faf2dd566 100755
--- a/scripts/musicxml2ly.py
+++ b/scripts/musicxml2ly.py
@@ -3403,6 +3403,7 @@ def main():
         conversion_settings.convert_page_breaks = False
         conversion_settings.convert_page_margins = False
     conversion_settings.convert_stem_directions = 
+    conversion_settings.convert_rest_positions = options.convert_rest_positions

     # Allow the user to leave out the .xml or xml on the filename
     basefilename = args[0]

Have Fun,


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