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Re: \center-column broken

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: \center-column broken
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2021 18:25:06 +0100
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Le 14/02/2021 à 16:59, Johannes Feulner a écrit :
Hi Aron,

the \center-column issue seems to be a problem of the SVG backend. I compiled LilyPond from master and use a custom backend based on LilyPond's SVG backend. However, the pictures were made with LilyPond's standard SVG backend. I've now used the PDF backend,  it is not affected.

I am not competent about this. However, I can notice
that with fresh a build of master, in SVG backend,
Eye of Gnome displays the file incorrectly; the text
runs off the box as you describe. The tagline is also
sloppy. With Firefox, all is fine. With both readers,
the font used does not resemble LilyPond's default.
With 2.18, Firefox displays the file correctly with
LilyPond's default font, and Eye of Gnome does not
manage to render the text at all (it replaces it
with ellipsis).

Attached are screenshots.

I see that all that ends up in this SVG file is
(manually wrapped):

<text font-family="serif"

so the reader is apparently free to render this text
with whatever serif font it prefers.

With 2.18, I see this instead:

<text transform="translate(30.7267, 18.7229)"
      font-family="Century Schoolbook L"

There appears to be a real change in behavior
between versions 2.19.21 and 2.19.22. Outstanding
commits regarding fonts are:

commit 3527336fc0bbb7c00f1d040420d4f2b1df8a3c38
Author: Masamichi Hosoda <trueroad@trueroad.jp>
Date:   Fri Jun 12 17:24:07 2015 +0900

    Issue 4441 / 5: Reject bitmap fonts in lilypond-fonts.conf

    LilyPond can not use bitmap fonts.
    So this commit adds ``reject bitmap fonts''
    from fontconfig's ``70-no-bitmaps.conf''
    to lilypond-fonts.conf.

commit 28f58ecc2271956e9377dc61e5135ce3ade4abbd
Author: Masamichi Hosoda <trueroad@trueroad.jp>
Date:   Fri Jun 12 17:17:56 2015 +0900

    Issue 4441 / 4: Define default fonts in fontconfig configuration file

    This commit defines LilyPond default fonts
    in local fontconfig configuration file.
    And, LilyPond uses them.

    It is possible to combine multiple fonts
    with different character sets and glyphs each other.

    e.g. Following fonts can be combined.
    Latin glyphs: from a font without Cyrillic glyphs
    Cyrillic glyphs: from another font with Cyrillic glyphs

commit 0c3ccff5943a1b5cfea65f695b87a8d2262e0f97
Author: Masamichi Hosoda <trueroad@trueroad.jp>
Date:   Fri Jun 12 16:29:54 2015 +0900

    Issue 4441 / 3: Add empty lilypond-fonts.conf

    This commit adds
    LilyPond local fontconfig configuration file as empty.

commit 6831c973d078b4e41025c27b725887028aff3e73
Author: Masamichi Hosoda <trueroad@trueroad.jp>
Date:   Fri Jun 12 16:23:37 2015 +0900

    Issue 4441 / 2: Add local fontconfig configuration file loading

    This commit becomes that
    LilyPond local (dedicated) fontconfig configuration file
    `fonts/lilypond-fonts.conf' can be used.

commit e3246bd7dd2cb83f203dabcb43b988507ba715a7
Author: Masamichi Hosoda <trueroad@trueroad.jp>
Date:   Fri Jun 12 16:12:43 2015 +0900

    Issue 4441 / 1: Remove unnecessary loop

    The font dir that LilyPond adding
    to fontconfig is only one.
    So loop is unnecessary.

Hosoda-san, was this change intended?

Thanks for the "-\tweak parent-alignment-X #CENTER" hint. Works nicely. Shouldn't that be the default value?

I don't think so. To my eyes,

\version "2.23.1"

  c'^"Dal segno"

looks better than

  c'\tweak parent-alignment-X #CENTER ^"Dal segno"

Le 14/02/2021 à 17:49, Johannes Feulner a écrit :
But what is the difference between _\markup and -\markup?

Looking at the examples on http://lilypond.org/doc/v2.22/Documentation/notation/formatting-text I cannot see a difference.

With the - specifier, the direction is chosen
automatically. See:


Best regards,

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