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Incorrectly Formatted Tables, web.pdf

From: Jonathan Levi
Subject: Incorrectly Formatted Tables, web.pdf
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2021 20:32:29 +0000 (UTC)

I recently downloaded Lilypond v2.23, and with it the big documentation manual, 
I note that most of the tables in pp. 70–91 have serious formatting errors: 
lines from different columns running into each other, bad indentation and/or 
spacing of words in individual lines (especially the lines "partially 
translated", "up to date" and "partially up to date".) Also, when an individual 
line needs to be broken to fit into its column, only the first of the resulting 
multiple lines is indented; this gives the text a particularly awkward 
appearance. The formatting errors appear to be independent of the PDF reader 
used to display them: they appear when I open the document with either Preview, 
PDFpenPro (Mac) or Adobe Reader DC (Mac or Windows 10.)
I've attached one of the faulty pages (p. 93); I've also made a corrected 
version of its last table. I would be willing to undertake similar reformatting 
of the other tables, if you wish.
Jonathan Levi, M.D.

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