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Apostrophe issue on Mac

From: Joe O'Farrell
Subject: Apostrophe issue on Mac
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2021 02:53:39 +0000


Apologies if this has been raised before (though I did look!) but there seems 
to be a problem with the LilyPond text editor on Mac whereby apostrophes are 
replaced by a “curly” version which isn’t recognised by the compiler, 
triggering a “not a note name error”. Tried re-installing, but as you can see, 
even the built-in demo fails:

> \version "2.20.0"
> % CORRECT typography:
> \relative {
>   c' d e f g a b c
> }
> % When entered manually - NB changed apostrophe which triggers “not a note 
> name” error
> \relative {
>   c’ d e f g a b c
> }

Output from each:

And the relevant output from the parser:

> Processing `/Users/joeofarrell/Desktop/LilyPond 
> stuff/LilyPond_reinstalled_test1.ly'
> Parsing...
> /Users/joeofarrell/Desktop/LilyPond stuff/LilyPond_reinstalled_test1.ly:14:3: 
> error: not a note name: c’
>   c’ d e f g a b c
> fatal error: failed files: "/Users/joeofarrell/Desktop/LilyPond 
> stuff/LilyPond_reinstalled_test1.ly”

Any suggestions? There was an OS update (11.2.2) a few days ago - could that 
have caused an issue?



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