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Re: [Suspected Spam] Apostrophe issue on Mac

From: Hans Åberg
Subject: Re: [Suspected Spam] Apostrophe issue on Mac
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2021 18:04:55 +0100

[Cc the list so that others can follow the issue.]

The app should have a way to handle that. For example, Mail and TextEdit have 
the menu Edit > Substitutions > Text Replacement toggle. I have though smart 
quotes and dashes turned off, as they can be easily reached from the keyboard 
at need, and for the replacements, I have my own set for typing math, in fact 
more than a thousand which I created with a C++ program I wrote.

> On 8 Mar 2021, at 16:45, Joe O'Farrell <info@joeofarrell.com> wrote:
> Hi Hans
> Many thanks!
> So I have to turn text subs off globally? (Or at least, that particular one, 
> while using LilyPond). It would be handy if there were a way to set them on 
> an app-by-app basis… Not a major problem, but it had never caused any 
> problems before, hence my question (I suspect there was a tweak to font 
> handling in the upgrade.)
> I’ve hitherto worked in LilyPond “in the raw”, but I’ll have a look at 
> Frescobaldi
> Thanks again,
> Joe 
>> On 8 Mar 2021, at 09:36, Hans Åberg <haberg-1@telia.com> wrote:
>>> On 8 Mar 2021, at 03:53, Joe O'Farrell <info@joeofarrell.com> wrote:
>>> Apologies if this has been raised before (though I did look!) but there 
>>> seems to be a problem with the LilyPond text editor on Mac whereby 
>>> apostrophes are replaced by a “curly” version which isn’t recognised by the 
>>> compiler, triggering a “not a note name error”. Tried re-installing, but as 
>>> you can see, even the built-in demo fails:
>> These are called text substitutions, and can be changed at System 
>> Preferences → Keyboard → Text, and should be possible to be turned off 
>> within the text editor. For example, I typed the arrows by setting "->" to 
>> be substituted into "→".
>> Frescobaldi does not seem to support those, so you might try that app 
>> instead.

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