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Re: svg font problems

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: svg font problems
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2021 13:15:34 +0000 (UTC)

[Changing your e-mail address to 'knupero', which is your preferred
 one without problems, IIRC]

> [...] here's one hint for the volta-spec-once.ly problem:
> Roboto-Regular is (on my current system) a font without a glyph
> table.

You mean the font doesn't have a 'glyf' table, right?  Then you
obviously have `Roboto-Regular.otf` – this font comes with a 'CFF '
table instead.  AFAIK, LilyPond supports such OpenType fonts just

> That meant that I had to write special code for my cairo backend,
> [...]

What exactly do you mean with 'special code'?

> and we know that handling of this special case is far from optimal
> in the postscript backend (eg -dgs-load-fonts is unusable).  ft2
> gives virtual uni[0-9a-f]* glyph names to pass the unicode value,

Hmm.  My version of `Roboto-Regular.otf` (2.00, 2019-12-11) actually
has glyph names.

> and we would need to translate those to unicode and use the ps show
> operator for a better solution in the postscript backend.

It's not clear to me what exactly the problem is.  Please elaborate.


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