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Re: Lyric alignment bug with markup

From: Justin Peter
Subject: Re: Lyric alignment bug with markup
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2021 08:21:16 -0500
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On 9/14/2021 1:02 AM, Aaron Hill wrote:
On 2021-09-13 9:03 pm, Justin Peter wrote:
When using (or rather attempting to use) a \markup block inside of
lyrics, the lyrics become misaligned.  Example:

\score {
    \new Staff {
      \new Voice = "melody" {
        \relative { c''4 c c c }
    \new Lyrics {
      \lyricsto "melody" {
        \markup { Here are the words }

This is based off of
as I was not able to get the case I ran across it in to be quite that

If there is a better way to markup an entire section of lyrics, please
let me know; I can send an image if helpful, I don't know how
attachments work with this though.

This is not a bug.  You are specifying only a single LyricText when you use \markup that way.  What you have done is similar to quoting the text which also treats the input as a single word/syllable.

By your example alone, it is unclear why you are using \markup at all.  Simply omit it and input lyrics in the manner the cited documentation shows.

If you are intending to use markup commands, then remember each word/syllable must be its own markup:

\lyricsto "melody" {
  \markup \bold Here
  \markup \italic are
  \markup \box the
  \markup \with-color #red words

You can also \override various font-interface properties of LyricText if you want to apply certain formatting to all words/syllables without needing to use \markup:

\lyricsto "melody" {
  \override LyricText.font-shape = #'italic
  \override LyricText.color = #red
  Here are the words

-- Aaron Hill

Ah, that's kind of what I was fearing.  Obviously (at least I hope it was obvious; maybe it wasn't) I was trying to format an entire group of lyrics, and having to markup each word was both tedious and ugly.  In my use case, it looks like \override LyricText.font-size and \override LyricText.font-shape work quite well.

It doesn't appear that any of this is covered in the documentation - is wanting to format entire verses/groups of lyrics not a common use case, or would that be something helpful to add?


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