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DocBook processor: unexpected reliance on working directory

From: Thibaut Cuvelier
Subject: DocBook processor: unexpected reliance on working directory
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2021 01:40:37 +0200

Dear list,

Again, in the context of LyX' DocBook support for LilyPond, I'm running a
Python script to bridge the gap between LyX and LilyPond.

This script is run from within LyX and inherits, in particular, its
environment variables and working directory. The file lilypond-book should
transform are in a temporary directory. However, lilypond-book seems to be
sometimes using the working directory when calling lilypond to perform the
actual conversion of a snippet into an image.

The symptom is an error message like:

guile: uncaught throw to system-error:  (("open-fdes" "~A" ("No such file
or directory") (2)))

It refers to transforming a .ly file in …lyxbin…/ff/, whereas lilypond-book
was started on a file …lyxtmp…/lyx_tmpbuf0/ff/.

I am not able to reproduce this bug consistently, though.

Thibaut Cuvelier

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