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Re: Full bar rest printed incorrectly after time signature change

From: Ole V. Villumsen
Subject: Re: Full bar rest printed incorrectly after time signature change
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2022 15:15:48 +0000

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your input.

> If you use \partial at the beginning of a score it treats the resulting
> duration as the length of music preceding the first bar. This is how bar
> numbering generally works for upbeats/anacrusis.

Obviously confirmed.

> Partial expects to be given a duration. I think it will not work as you
> expect if you multiply the duration by 0 (which is probably a kind of
> intpu that was not anticipated). At the point when you used it it's
> already effectively "between" bars and if you supply a duration it will
> apply to the next bar, not the previous bar.

I admit that I wondered more than a bit about the requirement in the Notation 
Reference to insert a \partial "when the time signature changes in mid 
measure". Composers do not always want an upbeat/fractional pick-up there. 
Maybe supplying a zero duration is a hack; but what is the alternative? At 
least NR doesn’t give one.

> All of the examples of \partial in the documentation use it at the
> beginning of a bar and supply the duration. If you do the same it should
> work for you.

I didn’t see any examples of a zero partial in the docs either. I have trouble 
making good sense of your last statement, though, sorry. What are you 
suggesting to do when the composer did not intend nor supply an upbeat? (My 
example is from C.Ph.E. Bach (1714 - 88): Fantasia C major H.291, bars 71 - 72.)

FWIW if I leave out "\partial 8*0" (in direct conflict with NR), the typeset 
music is identical. It still prints the rest wrong. Only I now also get the 
expected warning from Lilypond: "mid-measure time signature without \partial".

Best regards,

Attachment: How my example time signature change looks in the Carl Krebs 
edition (1895), from 

Attachment: Midmeasure-time-change-by-C.Ph.E.Bach.png
Description: PNG image

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