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Lilypond bug report.

From: Lindomar Soares dos Santos
Subject: Lilypond bug report.
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2023 04:34:34 -0300

% Using the snippet below (from the official webpage), when I added a
measure rest at
% the beginning of Coda, an additional measure rest is printed out the
staff (close to "D.S...").
% It doesn't happen in the equivalent snippet from version 2.18.2.

\version "2.24.0"

  \relative c'' {
    c4 c c c c c c c c c c c
    \repeat segno 2 {
      c4 c c c c c c c
      \alternative {
        \volta 1 {
          c4 c c c c c c c c c c c
          % If you don't use \break at Coda, use \noBreak here
          % and after \bar "" below.
          \section % double bar line
          \cadenzaOn % pause bar count
          \stopStaff % remove staff lines
          % Increasing the unfold counter will expand the staff-free space
          \repeat unfold 6 {
            \bar ""
          % Place JumpScript where the staff would normally be.
          \once \override Score.JumpScript.outside-staff-priority = ##f
          \once \override Score.JumpScript.Y-offset = 0
          \startStaff % resume bar count
          \cadenzaOff % show staff lines again
    \sectionLabel "Coda"
    % Show Coda on a new line
    R1 |
    \repeat unfold 8 { c4 c c c }

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