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Re: Gregorian.ly bar forms being converted to wrong glyph (regression be

From: Grant Diffey
Subject: Re: Gregorian.ly bar forms being converted to wrong glyph (regression between 2.22 and 2.24)
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2023 07:36:40 +1100


However none of the staff types dan suggested will do what I could
previously do. Gregorian divisiones not supported on modern staffs is a
reasonable closure for this as a bug however  I've previously  been able to
use the gregorian divisions on a 'normal staff' so from my pov this is a

Adding \with \EnableGregorianDivisiones fixes things except for finalis
which just disappears and never gets rendered. (this may be unsupported but
it used to work.)

so with new information from dan

\include "gregorian.ly"
\new Staff \with {\EnableGregorianDivisiones}
  { c' \divisioMaior d' \finalis }

Makes it better but the finalis still disappears without
\EnableGregorianDivisiones I may be outside the supported case but I'm
being that annoying user with. a use case that may not have been considered

On Wed, Mar 29, 2023 at 7:22 AM Jean Abou Samra <jean@abou-samra.fr> wrote:

> Le mercredi 29 mars 2023 à 07:18 +1100, Grant Diffey a écrit :
> To clarify I'm transcribing vaticana using a 'modern' staff and beaming
> for melisma none of the staff types support modern beamed 8th notes. this
> is the convention in the church music I'm scoring (vaticana original) +
> modern transcription using beaming to 'replicate' numesin fact a common
> structure for this is a combined staff which I've been unable to replicate
> in lilypond so far.{
> vaticana
> lyrics
> accompaniment with melody replicating the numes using 8th note beaming
> }
> (in fact this is the score of the chant in front of me for palm sunday)
> This sounds like a question for the user list (lilypond-user@gnu.org)
> more than like a bug report.

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