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Re: Crash in 2.25.4

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Crash in 2.25.4
Date: Sun, 21 May 2023 16:33:33 +0200
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(Adding back the bug list)

Le samedi 20 mai 2023 à 17:51 -0600, Colin Campbell a écrit :

> I redid git bisect today, doing everything on the command line (I used 
> Frescobaldi last night). Each time, I ran "
> ```
>  colin@Calvin:/Work/lilypond/lilypond$ cd build  
>  colin@Calvin:/Work/lilypond/lilypond/build$ make SILENT=1 -j9 && make 
> bytecode  
>  colin@Calvin:/Work/lilypond/lilypond/build$ ./out/bin/lilypond 
> /Work/Non-Musical.ly   
>  ```
> The result was   
> ######  
> ```
> 18e26fa65af11ec236338e43cfe7c4968f087d7f is the first bad commit  
>  commit 18e26fa65af11ec236338e43cfe7c4968f087d7f  
>  Author: Jean Abou Samra [<jean@abou-samra.fr>](mailto:jean@abou-samra.fr)  
>  Date:   Wed Apr 12 22:30:44 2023 +0200
>     Don't make our FcConfig the global one  
> ```
>  #######
> I gather, then, that a1b35793415e45f95a447184fac049fb1df15b73] 
> font-config.cc: Add comment  
>  was the commit that git bisect applied last, and it produced expected output 
> from the command line, and also using Frescobaldi as a front end.
> I'm not sure this helps in any useful way; it seems unlikely that I would be 
> the only one affected if it were a problematic commit.

Well, this stuff is closely tied to the font libraries LilyPond uses (Pango + 
HarfBuzz + FreeType + Fontconfig + Cairo) and the system font configuration, so 
it's something that definitely can get broken for some people while still 
working for others.

> Unless you have other advice, I'm guessing that it would be simpler for me to 
> clean all trace of lilypond off my machine (I've probably got bits and pieces 
> of several prior installations, both from packages and locally compiled from 
> git), and start from a fresh, clean install. I've taken up more than enough 
> of your time, for which I'm most grateful, but your rather astonishing mind 
> is best employed on more important tasks.  
> All this comes about as I'm thinking of getting back to some documentation 
> work, and wanted to compile docs locally. I'll still keep that goal in mind.  

If you can still reproduce the problem after this cleaning, could you run

FC_DEBUG=2025 build/out/bin/lilypond --verbose --ps test_file.ly > fclog.log 2> 

and send the three resulting files, `test_file.ps`, `fclog.log` and 

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