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Re: Crash in 2.25.4

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Crash in 2.25.4
Date: Tue, 23 May 2023 22:08:34 +0200
User-agent: Evolution 3.48.1 (3.48.1-1.fc38)

Le mardi 23 mai 2023 à 21:15 +0200, Jean Abou Samra a écrit :

> Le lundi 22 mai 2023 à 08:07 +0000, Werner LEMBERG a écrit :
> > Regarding (2) I'm not sure where exactly the problem lies (i.e., whether it 
> > is a LilyPond or a Pango issue).
> I'm rather sure it's a Pango or Fontconfig issue.

Ok, here's some progress. In Colin's fclog.log file, I read

Match Pattern has 29 elts (size 32)
        family: "C059"(s) "Century SchoolBook URW"(s) "C059"(s) "Century 
Schoolbook L"(s) "C059"(s) "TeX Gyre Schola"(s) "C059"(s) "DejaVu Serif"(s) 
[lots and lots of families trimmed ...]
        familylang: "en"(s) "en-us"(w)
        stylelang: "en"(s) "en-us"(w)
        fullnamelang: "en"(s) "en-us"(w)
        slant: 0(i)(s)
        weight: 80(f)(s)
        width: 100(i)(s)
        size: 3.86619(f)(s)
        pixelsize: 64.4365(f)(s)
        antialias: True(w) True(w)
        hintstyle: 1(i)(w) 1(i)(w)
        hinting: True(s)
        verticallayout: False(s)
        autohint: False(s)
        globaladvance: True(s)
        dpi: 1200(f)(w)
        rgba: 1(i)(w) 1(i)(w)
        lang: "und-zsye"(w) "en-us"(s) "en"(w)
        fontversion: 2147483647(i)(s)
        embeddedbitmap: True(s)
        decorative: False(s)
        lcdfilter: 1(i)(w) 1(i)(w)
        namelang: "en"(s)
        prgname: "lilypond"(s)
        color: True(w)  <<<<<<<<
        symbol: False(s)
        variable: DontCare(s)
        order: 0(i)(s)
        pangoversion: 15012(i)(s)

So Pango is apparently requesting a font with colored glyphs from Fontconfig...

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