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Re: convert-ly.py in 2.25.7 "broken"

From: Craig Fearing
Subject: Re: convert-ly.py in 2.25.7 "broken"
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2023 21:01:42 +0200
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OK thanks for the info.

Out of curiosity, are you the "Jean" in that first line in the file?


On 2023-08-02 00:04, Jean Abou Samra wrote:
Le mardi 01 août 2023 à 23:36 +0200, Craig Fearing a écrit :
If I use Frescobaldi's "Update..." tool, files with version numbers less
than 2.25.6 get updated to 2.25.6 and those already at 2.25.6 are not

If I compare the convert-ly files in 2.25.5 and 2.25.6 I see they are
almost identical except for version number.  That is not true, however,
when comparing 2.25.7, starting from the first line!

(Win-64 build)

That is intentional. convert-ly (from any version) will only update the \version statement to the latest version for which it actually made changes to your file, the idea being that if no changes were required to go from 2.25.6 to 2.25.7, then the file is considered compatible with 2.25.6 just as well as with 2.25.7.

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